Happy New Year 2023!

Lady in beach silhouette during daytime photography

Wish you a very happy new year 2023!

Woah! It’s been a year since we published any blogs and updates about our business and goals.

A lot happened in 2022, something good and some bad. We had a great start in 2022, but the closing wasn’t. Anyways, whatever happened in the past is now a past, and we can change the facts!

But, we are happy we were able to set up our new office space. And also made some long-term changes to the business strategy that we learned from our mistakes.

We are now focusing on this year with tonnes of process improvements and stabilization. Here are a few noteworthy items that we want to strike off in 2023:

  • Quarterly Business Update: till now, we didn’t make an effort to keep track of the progress and goal achievement. But starting this year, we are making a commitment to publish the quarterly business update. We will start publishing from next quarter – April 2023, which will be on completion of 2023Q1.
  • Hiring Talent: since we have an office space now, I think we need to focus on nurturing the team locally. We already have an office setup to start working. Most of the hiring will be happening from April to June month this year. You can check our Careers page for opportunities.
  • Scaling Business: last year, we mostly spent on setting up the physical location, incubating business ideas & building sub-brands; we are now a legally registered business. This year are committing ourselves to work rigorously and nurture these businesses to scale and grow.
  • Planning Process: we didn’t have any process till now, and vaguely ran the businesses without any concrete planning in place. But, we are changing this and drafting the process as well as breaking larger goals down into small daily tasks. It will help in tracking the progress as well as working on it swiftly without mental burning.
  • Work-Life Balance: we are a mostly remote team working from home and unable to allocate designated time due to flexibility. However, this will be changed, and I will be working only during strict working hours and have better time off the daily schedule. It’s really important to have a thick barrier between work and personal life.

There are more changes coming in that will help in growing us without burnout and keeping us at peace.

I hope we will be accomplishing the major hurdles and making 2023 a successful year in both my professional and personal life.

Once again, happy new year.